SUNDAY 22nd February 2015

David Weir Leisure Centre, Carshalton, Surrey


Competition is FULL

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Pools and full event details will be emailed as soon as after February 1st.



Vault London 2015

Sunday 22nd February 2015, Carshalton.
Congratulations if you took part in The Best Ever VAULT LONDON, Pole Vault Event.
You were part of possibly the most successful pole vault competition EVER held in the UK!!!
This was indeed a fitting finale to the 2015 VAULT BRITAIN SERIES.
The performances and the result statistics this year surprised even me, and I have been doing this a very long time.
The number of Lifetime Best Clearances was simply amazing. It was particularly pleasing to see improvements coming from all levels. It wasn’t just the first few competition pools that produced record results; they just kept coming throughout the day! Even from the more established vaulters.
The final statistics are staggering:
 99 Competitors Took Part.
•       46 Athletes Produced 100 Lifetime Best Clearances!!!
•       46% of the Competitors Achieved Lifetime Bests
•       A further 13 Athletes Achieved Seasons Best Clearances.
•       59% of all the Competitors jumped higher than they have this year.
•       Dozens of other competitors also attempted lifetime best heights.
•       Andy Sutcliffe Set a Vault London Record.
•       We also saw a BRITISH (M50) RECORD and a BRITISH (U15) INDOOR RECORD.
•       The Youngest Competitor was just 10 years old, the most Senior 72 years young!
•       7 Competitors Made Their Pole Vaulting Debut. We Launched 7 New Pole Vaulting Careers…
46% of the Competitors jumped higher than they have EVER done before!
59% of the Competitors Jumped Higher Than They Have This Year!
Here’s an interesting one…
The total collective (best) heights cleared was 295.86 metres!!!!
More than twice the height of The London Eye and just 10 metres or so less than The Shard.
Just some of the stand out performances include, 10 year old Gemma Tutton clearing 2.13m and 12 year old Sophia Hepher in her first ever competition clearing ten consecutive heights on the way to making 2.13m. 14 year old Frankie Johnson improved his Personal Best FIVE times before narrowly missing at increasing the British Under 15 Record. Leading Under 17 performer Andrew Douglas was also in impressive form, increasing his Personal Best three times, keeping the crowd entertained at the end of the day by clearing 4.52m.

At the other end of the age range, Greg Conlon attempted to raise the British M40 Record and will undoubtedly be successful very soon. Another Masters pole vaulter who is in fabulous form at the moment is Mark Johnson who increased his own M50 Record to 4.54M before missing in his attempt at the European M50 Record.  Frankie Johnson also increased the British Under 15 Indoor Record to 4.23m. Keeping the Record theme going, Andy Sutcliffe was also in record breaking form. Running almost the entire length of the indoor area at Carshalton, Andy produced the highest ever clearance at Vault London with his 5.34m performance and was oh so close at 5.50m too. Great to see him back in good form. 

Well done to all of the competitors who put on a fabulous show with so many impressive performances. The future of British pole vaulting looks very bright indeed….
Performances By Age Category:
UNDER 11 BOYS       
William Cubbage City of Portsmouth AC 2.03m 1st PERSONAL BEST
UNDER 13 BOYS       
William Snashall Crawley AC 1.73m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Bryce Breen Herts Phoenix AC 1.63m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
UNDER 15 BOYS       
Frankie Johnson Bedford & County AC 4.23m 1st BRITISH RECORD
Bill Saunders Lewes AC 3.43m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Jack Harris Lewes AC 3.13m 3rd 
Elliot Breen Herts Phoenix AC 2.63m 4th SEASONS BEST
Jack Westley Kingston & Polytechnic AC 2.43m 5th 
UNDER 17 BOYS       
Andrew Douglas Southampton AC 4.52m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Dawid Cedro Harrow AC 4.13m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Fynley Caudery Cornwall AC 4.03m 3rd PERSONAL BEST
Calum Neil Horsham Blue Star AC 3.93m 4th PERSONAL BEST
Michael Fryer Dacorum & Tring AC 3.73m 5th PERSONAL BEST
William Gwynne Kingston & Polytechnic AC 3.63m 6th PERSONAL BEST
Alex Hardy Ashford AC 3.53m 7th 
Kieran Apps Southampton AC 3.43m 8th PERSONAL BEST
Lewis Taylor Wigan Harriers AC 3.33m 9th PERSONAL BEST
Connor Dearden Horsham Blue Star Harriers  3.33m 10th PERSONAL BEST
Joshua Breaker-Rolfe Stevenage & North Herts AC 3.33m 11th PERSONAL BEST
George Maher Ashford AC 3.23m 12th PERSONAL BEST
James Edmondson Wigan Harriers AC 2.83m 13th 
Michael Stocker Stevenage & North Herts AC NHC   
UNDER 20 MEN       
Charlie Myers Middlesborough Mandale AC 4.84m 1st 
JJ Lister Harrow AC 4.84m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Joel Leon Benitez Notts AC 4.64m 3rd 
Sam Bass-Cooper Southampton AC 4.43m 4th 
Charlie Maw Winchester AC 4.43m 5th SEASONS BEST
James Shackleton Lewes AC 4.23m 6th 
Nathan Gardner Stevenage & North Herts AC 4.23m 7th 
Tom Farres City of Portsmouth AC 4.23m 8th 
Scott Devlin Crawley AC 4.03m 9th 
Justin Tarrant Crawley AC 3.83m 10th 
George Grant Shaftesbury Barnet Harriers  3.73m 11th 
James Weller Dacorum & Tring AC 3.63m 12th 
Jon Pairman Blackheath & Bromley AC 2.73m 13th PERSONAL BEST
Andy Sutcliffe Sale Harriers AC 5.34m 1st VL RECORD
Thomas Snee Kingston & Polytechnic AC 3.83m 2nd SEASONS BEST
Matthias Winter Stevenage & North Herts AC 3.03m 3rd 
Jamie Fitzgerald Sutton & District AC 2.13m  4th PERSONAL BEST
MASTERS MEN 40       
Greg Conlon Walton AC 4.33m 1st 
Bob Kingman Newham & Essex Beagles AC 3.83m 2nd 
Dave Gordon Dacorum & Tring AC 3.33m 1st SEASONS BEST
Andy Del Nevo Croydon Harriers AC 2.73m 2nd SEASONS BEST
MASTERS MEN 50       
Mark Johnson Enfield & Haringay AC 4.54m 1st BRITISH RECORD
John Andrews Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC 3.83m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Richard Phelan Hunts AC 3.13m 3rd PERSONAL BEST
Wayne Martin Hastings AC 2.83m 1st 
Brian Slaughter Eastbourne Rovers AC 2.83m 2nd SEASONS BEST
Dave Blunt Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC 3.13m 1st SEASONS BEST
Brian Harlick Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC 2.13m 1st SEASONS BEST
UNDER 11 GIRLS       
Gemma Tutton Lewes AC 2.13m 1st PERSONAL BEST
UNDER 13 GIRLS       
Grace Pitman Ashford AC 1.93m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Eloise Young Crawley AC 1.63m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
 UNDER 15 GIRLS       
Jade Spencer - Smith Harrow AC 3.23m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Georgia Duthie Sutton & District AC 2.93m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Freya Fitchett Lewes AC 2.83m 3rd 
Natasha Purchas Crawley AC 2.73m 4th 
Lois Warden Bexley AC 2.73m 5th 
Bronia Greenhalgh Wigan Harriers AC 2.43m 6th PERSONAL BEST
Erin Thomas Bexley AC 2.43m 7th SEASONS BEST
Alice King Dacorum & Tring AC 2.33m 8th PERSONAL BEST
Sophia Hepher Sutton & District AC 2.13m 9th PERSONAL BEST
Katie Hopkins Woking AC 2.13m 9th SEASONS BEST
Ellie Atkins Ashford AC 1.93m 11th 
U17 GIRLS       
Jess Robinson Windsor Slough Eton Hounslow 3.63m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Sophie Dowson Harrow AC 3.53m 2nd PERSONAL BEST
Molly Caudery Cornwall AC 3.53m 3rd 
Rebecca Gray Cornwall AC 3.53m 4th 
Shaye Emmett Sutton & District AC 3.53m 5th PERSONAL BEST
Tamsin Campbell Crawley AC 3.33m 6th 
Gemma Everson Guildford & Godalming AC 3.33m 7th PERSONAL BEST
Isabel Deacon Bracknell AC 3.23m 8th 
Alexa Eichelmann Woking AC 3.23m 9th PERSONAL BEST
Maddy Sketchley Sutton & District AC 3.03m 10th 
Erin Breen Herts Phoenix AC 3.03m 11th PERSONAL BEST
Emma Martin Enfield & Haringay AC 3.03m 12th PERSONAL BEST
Millie Hemsley Lewes AC 3.03m 13th SEASONS BEST
Sophie Fung Harrow AC 2.83m 14th PERSONAL BEST
Cicely Cole Crawley AC 2.73m 15th PERSONAL BEST
Lucy Thompson Lewes AC 2.53m 16th PERSONAL BEST
Jessica Westley Kingston & Polytechnic AC 2.33m 17th PERSONAL BEST
Maya Magnay Kingston & Polytechnic AC 2.33m 18th 
Emily Crowhurst Bexley AC 2.23m 19th PERSONAL BEST
Jessica O'Sullivan Dacorum & Tring AC nhc   
U20 WOMEN       
Mercy Gutteridge Havering AC 3.43m 1st PERSONAL BEST
Livvy Connor Lewes AC 3.33m 2nd 
Helena Coleman Blackheath & Bromley AC 3.33m 3rd PERSONAL BEST
Claudia Lavender Mendip AC 3.23m 4th 
Chloe Billingham Horsham Blue Star AC 3.23m 5th PERSONAL BEST
Charlotte Williams Windsor Slough Eton Hounslow 3.23m 5th 
Martha Huggins Stevenage & North Herts AC 3.03m 7th PERSONAL BEST
Caitlin Dimbleby Kingston & Polytechnic AC 2.83m 8th 
Katie James Woodford Green & Essex Ladies 3.93m 1st 
Jade Ive Sutton & District AC 3.73m 1st 
Lyndsey Maund Swansea Harriers AC 3.63m 2nd 
Christina Moore Blackheath & Bromley AC 3.33m 3rd SEASONS BEST
Becky Donnelly Worcester AC nhc   
Claudia Cubbage City of Portsmouth AC 2.33m 1st 
MASTERS W45       
Alison Murray-Jesse Hercules & Wimbledon AC 3.03m 1st SEASONS BEST
MASTERS W55       
Teresa Eades Dartford AC 2.43m 1st 
MASTERS W60       
Sue Dassie Epsom & Ewell Harriers AC 1.63m 1st PERSONAL BEST

The full results have already been sent to the 'Power of 10' for ranking purposes and also to England Athletics and 'Athletics Weekly' for publication.
The winning ticket was bought by Georgia Duthie (Sutton & District AC).
She wins a Brand New Vaulting Pole of her choice donated by Essx Vaulting Poles.
This rounded off quite a day for Georgia, she increased her week old Personal Best on two occasions!

Bamboo Clothing were one of the supporters of Vault London and if you visit www.bambooclothing.com and Quote Reference 'VAULT’, you will qualify for a nice discount. Worth checking out some of their fabulous clothing. Comfortable and stylish. 
A huge thank you to the following:
The Pole Vaulters and Parents of Team Polestar.
Paul & Mel Emmett for their extraordinary generosity in providing the fantastic FREE ‘Goody Bags’ for every competitor.
Paul Dickenson for bringing some professionalism to the commentating.
Sue Dassie for her tireless work in the lead up to the event and on the day.
Dave Blunt for his electronic wizardry, scoring, officiating etc.
Jamie Fitzgerald, Martin Small, Ryan Poulton and the Staff from ‘Everyone Active’ at DWLC.
Bruce Caldwell and Essx Vaulting Poles for their generous support of the event.
Mark Grant for supplying the tee shirts and the expertise.
Megan Lewarne for the massage support on event day.
Dave Gordon (Bamboo Clothing Ltd) for his generosity and announcing talents.
Jade & Steve Ive for their help with setting up and on event day.
Thank you to all the pole vault squads that supported the event. My very special friends from Lewes and Crawley under the guidance of the Pied Piper of Pole Vaulting, Rick Pilling. From Ashford (Derek Laws, etc), Horsham (Mick Cole etc), Southampton. (Rich Humby), Lee Valley (Beth Harris and John Mahon etc), Bexley (Gordon Lillis etc), Kingston (Maurice Joyce etc), Christian North and the guys from Bath, Ellie Spain and her ‘Red Army from Brunel.
Thank you also to the many parents, some of whom had travelled long distances to bring competitors and some of whom stepped into a more active role on the day, assisting with the competitions etc. What would the sport do without supportive Parents??
You are a fantastic group of people and I really appreciate your help, support and friendship.
Thank you all so very much. Apologies if I have forgotten anybody but you know who you are and more importantly, so do I!!  I am proud to call you friends. You are a credit to the event and to the sport.